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Psychic Mediumship Readings


Jodie will connect with your angels, guides and departed loved ones to answer your questions and to provide guidance, comfort, hope, and inspiration in your life. Please have a list of questions prepared prior to your appointment. Any and all questions are welcome. Please DO NOT make a payment until you have booked and your appointment has been confirmed.


60 minute  $200.00

30 minute  $125.00

15 minute $75.00

Last Minute Reading $260.00 

This appointment must be made the

same day and booked over the phone.

All the above reading can be done In-person, over the phone or online

E-Mail Readings


All email readings are done personally by Jodie. Jodie will answer your questions as well as include any messages that come through from your angels and guides. When booking submit your question(s). Payment is to be made immediately after booking your email reading. You will receive your reading within five business days from your appointment booking.


One Question  $55.00

Two Questions $100.00

Three Questions $140.00


Energy Healings


Jodie channels the healing energy of Spirit through the modality of Reiki. This powerful healing energy, facilitates healing on many levels. Jodie is able to connect to your team of guides and angels to receive additional information that provides insight into what may be the root or the factors contributing to the ailment or issue. Energy Healing a very effective for emotional wounds or issues as well as physical issues.

$200.00 Per Hour

Group Readings

Group readings are a great way to come together with a friend for an extraordinary experience and great fun!

These are booked in the host's home and Jodie will come to you. Sessions are 1.5 hours with the exception of the 3-5 group which is 60 minutes. Jodie provides two types of group readings.


Psychic Group Reading

Option One– Jodie will give a brief talk on intuition, guides, and angels and how to connect better to your own guides and angels. She will then demonstrate her gift by giving a message or a question to those in attendance.

Option Two – Jodie will give a brief talk about intuition and spirit and the give mini-readings in a private room to each person in attendance


Mediumship Group Reading

Jodie will give an explanation of mediumship and the spirit world. She will then bring messages from loved ones on the other side to various individuals in attendance.



** Prices include GST **

3 – 5 People $350.00 The session is one hour.


6 – 11 People $500.00 The session is one and a half hours.


12 – 25 People $45.00 Per Person, The session is one and a half hours.



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