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Invite Jodie to come to your area!



Speaking Events

  • Psychic abilities (yours and hers)
  • Law of Attraction (What it is and how to use it)
  • Connecting to guides and angels (How to connect and receive more signs)
  • Mediumship (what it is and how it can help people)
  • The topic of your choice

With each topic is fun and informative, with great stories and experiences from her own life as a Psychic Medium.




Option One – Psychic- Jodie will give an explanation of what psychic reading is and then she will give psychic messages to members of the audience as well as messages from guides and angels.

Option Two – Mediumship – Jodie will give an explanation of what mediumship is and how she works with the spirit world. She will then bring messages from loved ones to various individuals in attendance.



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