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 Jodie Sellar, a world-renowned Psychic Medium and expert in the Law of Attraction, has been changing people's lives for over 2 decades.


 Jodie has always felt that this lifetime would offer an ascension choice point on this planet, and that time has arrived. Her lifelong pursuit has been to elevate her awareness and vibration by releasing third-dimensional patterns and programming, thus stepping into the higher dimensions of consciousness necessary for the ascension process.


 Her unique abilities along with her law of attraction techniques allow her to work at a much deeper level than most. She sees through the screens we put up to mask, avoid or deny our true selves, thus allowing her to discover what is blocking the client from achieving the outcomes they desire.

 Jodie's mission and greatest joy are to share her experience and her abilities to facilitate the elevation necessary for those who are being called by their higher self to step out of the shadow and into the light.


“It is time to discover our magic, to stand in our light, and to become love realized.” Jodie Sellar


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